Monday, May 30, 2011

Villalobos Girls

{My favorite girls} Just an afternoon sitting around turned afternoon driving around Bremerton looking for lush lawns. I literally knocked on five doors asking for permission to shoot on their steps/lawn/flowerbed. No one ever did answer their door, so we got bold, and these shots are the result. I was going through them listening to the new Adele album so they turned out a bit "glowy." I love, love, love hanging out with these girls, and even more I enjoy taking their pictures.

Hair Clips

While my husband and I were in Paris over Christmas I bought {tons} of faux flowers. Inspired by my ever crafty friend Andrea, I created these hair clips. Anyone that knows me knows floral and sparkly define my style, and I feel like these capture my personal taste. Tell me what you think. They work with my english hats and just as is in my hair. In the post above this one, they're also used in Candice Hyland's hair. I love how they almost look apart of the vine.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Capri's Table

Here's a table I finished a couple weeks ago that I made for Capri. I even added a special inscription tag for Capri on it. I was considering selling these on Would you buy something like this? I would love comments, good or bad, I love trying to better my "product."

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Desirae & Violet

Desirae took me to Scenic Beach state park for the first time so we could take some test photos for her family photos next month and Holy Smokes, friggin beautiful! Thankfully my husband, Taylor had Capri so I could really give my attention to the girls. There were so many fun cubby holes and foliage to use as backdrops that it was almost overwhelming and distacting for both Violet and I. None the less, I enjoyed the evening sun and conversation with these pretty gals!


A guy who can actually do a round house kick and still look classy. Johnathon is my hero, and no, I'm not misspelling his name.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Port Gamble

Port Gamble is one of my favorite local places. Apparently it's also one of the most haunted areas around and have fun ghost tours during the Halloween season. Maybe Capri can get a part time job since shes already a terrorizing monster? However, we spent a short afternoon in Port Gamble just to get out of Bremerton and soak in it's views of the Puget. It was overcast and kind of dreary (nothing new) but we made the most of it. Also, these weren't the best pictures I took that day, but they really expressed what was going on and were the most fun. The one of Capri and Taylor holding hands was taken in this amazing cemetry with dates going back into the 1800's. The two of them standing there, holding hands and without smiling, to me, really captured the moment.

Port Gamble General Store

While we were visiting Port Gamble we stopped in the Port Gamble General Store & Cafe. I love how nastalgic and eclectic this store is. They have an amazing hodge podge of fun gifts and useful things for around the house. Also, for the like minded citzens of Kitsap county, they have a lovely selection of lunch entrees and vino in the cafe. Rumor has it they'll be serving dinner soon too. Yum! So if you're up and around the Kingston/Port Gamble area, this is a stop you're sure not to miss! You can check out their website here

Here some info and hours I pulled from the website:

10:00AM-3:00PM Cafe 9:00AM-5:00PM Store
beginning June 3rd through Labor Day
Sunday -Thursday the store will be open until 6:00PM
Friday & Saturday the store & cafe are open until 8:30

Full service dining~ breakfast and lunch served 7 days a week
Expanded candy selection
Hand dipped milkshakes in a variety of flavors
and a fresh selection of gifts, housewares, and souvenirs!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Beautiful Capri

My poor daughter gets the full force of my camera lens and half the time we are successful, and the other half we're not. On this gorgeous Washington day the sun was hitting my porch perfectly and Capri graciously posed for me. Though we live in the heart of Bremerton, our house is a real gem amongst them and we have such a nosalgic front porch area that's a great back drop for sunset photos.