Monday, July 25, 2011

How to: Pictures that Sell

I've been getting a ton of inquiries about how to take crisp creative pictures for websites like Etsy, Ebay and Craigslist to help further their site traffic and I wanted to help everyone in one shot. Taking pictures with your cell phone doesn't have to disable you from taking awesome pictures either. Read this article to find out more to get more bang for your Craigslist buck!

Here are some GREAT tips on how to take quality images without being a pro! ::


Elvis decanter
  • If you can find a way to use natural light, do it. Set up your shot near a window (or near a white wall if it reflects enough window light).
  • If you have a yard and the weather’s nice enough to shoot outside, drag a card table out back and set up an impromptu studio. Early morning and late afternoon light will be easier to shoot in than harsh, direct, noontime sun.
  • If you can’t use natural light, be sure to use the white balance function on your camera. You can also use image editing software like Photoshop to clean up your photos after the fact. Play with the color balance to take out any color casts you may have picked up from artificial lighting, and lighten the photos if they’re too dim. This is particularly important if you’re trying to show the color of your item.
  • Using a flash may work for tutorials and larger items, but won’t work for small items like jewelry. You can try to tape a little piece of white tissue paper over your flash to avoid glare.
  • If you have a cardboard box lying around, you can make your own soft box. You’ll be amazed how playing with lighting can improve your photos.    


    gemmafactrix rings
    • Keep your backgrounds as simple as possible.
    • If your worktable is ugly but it’s the only place you can set up, cover the surface with some nice paper from the art supply store. Tablecloths work fine if their well-ironed; wrinkles will distract the eye.
    • For tutorials, light backgrounds tend to work best. Color can work if it’s not too distracting and doesn’t clash with what you’re photographing.
    • For small items such as jewelry, you can use more interesting backgrounds. Use vintage books and industrial surfaces to show off you jewelry on Etsy, and it works great. Wood, paper, cloth and metal can all add a little something to your images.
    • For tutorials and larger items like clothing, you’ll have to pull back to get everything in the shot. Make sure the rest of your studio/ apartment/ mobile command unit isn’t visible in the shot. Set up by a blank wall and use it as a backdrop.
    • Be aware that if you have windows or mirrored surfaces in your shot, your reflection will show up as well. Don’t forget to put some pants on unless you want to become an internet phenomenon.  


      • Use a tripod even if you think you have enough light. When you’re taking photos of small objects, a little camera shake can end up blurring major details.
      • For small items, get in as close as you can. Make the viewer feel like they could reach out and touch it. Use the macro setting on your camera.
      • If you have an SLR, you can pick up a couple of close-up filters- they’re a cheaper alternative to fancy zoom lenses.
      • More importantly, don’t get in so close that your camera can’t focus. Good sharp focus is more important than filling the frame.
      • Since you’re going to use these photos on the web, you can always take the photo at a higher resolution and use Photoshop to crop in tight. You’ll probably still have resolution to spare when you’re done.
      • If you’re taking pictures of a tutorial and need to show your hands performing a step, get a friend to help you out. It’s just too hard to get a good photo of your own hands, unless you make yourself an amazing head-cam.

             Photo Credits: rings: Gemmafactrix, deer shirt: Pretty Raccoon, others: Kelly Jensen. Featured necklace by Lusterbunny.

Saturday, July 23, 2011


Some of my favorite things! If you love vintage, modern and floral, then we have a similar heart. Do you have Pintrest? If so, lets connect. I love DIY, decorating and organization, so if you have any great ideas, send them my way!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Park Friends

Capri and I always have fun playing with Regan & Kennedy at the park. Such sweet girls with great hearts! I got to the park kind of late today, so I was surprised they were hanging out. It's always nice to see them there.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Hidden Gem

So I have a few shoots that I haven't fully edited for multiple reasons: one being, I thought I would have a lull in business and use it to "fill the gaps." The other being, that I wanted to wait until I got extremely comfortable with Photoshop so I could really go to town. I'm in no hurry to jump the gun on my goodies! Regardless, here's one I really love of Candice! She's such a true beauty and we have lens chemistry like we're high school sweethearts. 

Oh So Posh Photography

Lidia is amazing! She has overcome SO many obstacles in her life. She's also a photographer giving away an amazing action set! Oh So Posh Photography is giving away the amazing Bohemian Symphony Collection to 3 lucky winners! Go enter to win!.

                                                 Oh So Posh Blog

Sunday, July 17, 2011


Violet is such a pretty girl! This girl loves bees! All we had to do was tell her we spotted a bee and she headed right over. At one point we had to stop her from picking one up! Isn't her tutu the cutest?!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Lulu Hadden Park

Lucky me, Capri was being very cooperative for me to get a couple snaps of her. I was actually bribing her with the playground that was right behind me; every 5 minutes or so she would wander 5 more feet towards the slide :) Though she chipped her tooth a while ago, she has the cutest smile! She's such a doll!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My Lovely Daughter

On very small occasions Capri will let me photograph her. The camera to her, is now like "time out." She runs for the hills or makes herself a mess when she sees me coming with my camera. It's a shame, she's soooooo cute!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Jamaal & Brittany's Propsal

Jamaal contacted me about capturing his proposal to his girlfriend Brittany and I couldn't pass it up! She had no idea it was coming and it went so smoothly; all of us we're tearing up! What an amazing shoot and even more, what an amazing couple! I wish them the best!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Jamaal & Brittany's Propsal Pt.2

Aren't they beautiful? This couple has an AMAZING future ahead of them! So excited for them! I still feel lucky to be a part of their moment.


Friday, July 8, 2011

Sunflower Clips

I've been working hard on these sunflower hair clips! They're lined in felt to protect newborns and for overall comfort. Not included in these pictures are a light pink color also. I'm so excited to get my "store" going. I love making things and being crafty. If you're on etsy, add me to your circle! I would love your comments on these. There is some white stuff over the gems that wasn't fully dry and showed up in my pictures :(

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Candice Hyland

Candice Hyland has one of the most divine faces I've ever photographed! {besides Capri} We had fun listening to Nicki Minaj and No Doubt, running around this random yard with some of the most captivating surroundings. Considering we both have kids it was amazing we had a chance to just enjoy what we were there to do, shoot. I couldn't have imagined a better photoshoot!

4th of July Beach Fun

I spent the day with some lovely ladies over the 4th of July weekend and had a great afternoon at Camp McKeen park. Naya and I shared my camera getting some of these fun pictures from the day!