Monday, May 23, 2011

Port Gamble

Port Gamble is one of my favorite local places. Apparently it's also one of the most haunted areas around and have fun ghost tours during the Halloween season. Maybe Capri can get a part time job since shes already a terrorizing monster? However, we spent a short afternoon in Port Gamble just to get out of Bremerton and soak in it's views of the Puget. It was overcast and kind of dreary (nothing new) but we made the most of it. Also, these weren't the best pictures I took that day, but they really expressed what was going on and were the most fun. The one of Capri and Taylor holding hands was taken in this amazing cemetry with dates going back into the 1800's. The two of them standing there, holding hands and without smiling, to me, really captured the moment.

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